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We are passionate about building community that trains together, learns from one another, and supports each other. We're all about making movement FUN while keeping athletes SAFE, and our playful teaching style makes it easy to forget that you're getting an amazing workout while building body awareness and mastering technique!

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FREE SLACKROBATS eGUIDE Slacklining for Beginners

This guide will teach you how to get started with slacklining. Whether it’s brand new to you--or you’re just ready to invest in your own set-up, this guide will help get you off the ground!


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with additional questions!

Are these trainings right for my skill level?

Our conditioning memberships are built for all skill levels. We take a tiered approach to our trainings, providing multiple options for different levels of experience. If you are a beginner, you may stop at the first phase, and continue to practice that for awhile. If you are more advanced, you may challenge yourself with all the phases offered!

What's the difference between conditioning memberships and tutorials/lessons?

Our conditioning memberships are subscription offerings where you pay a monthly fee to gain access to our entire library of conditioning drills. The library includes dozens of short videos that you can browse and stream 24/7 to bring more fun and creativity to your daily training sessions. Each time we upload a new conditioning video, we will send you an email notification so you never miss out on a new exercise!

Our lessons are technique focused tutorials centered around a particular pose. These videos are available to stream 24/7 after purchase and are designed to support the conditioning videos if you need a little extra guidance with a particular slackline or acroyoga technique.

What gear do I need?

If you want to become a slackline conditioning member, you will need access to a slackline to train on.

Our fitness challenges don't require equipment. However, we may use everyday items as props or have you get creative with your surroundings a time or two...you know...for fun! ;)

AcroYoga doesn't require any gear (except a soft surface to practice on), but it does require a willing partner, and a spotter too! (Depending on skill level.)

How do I watch the videos?

We use a service called Gumroad to stream and deliver our training videos. This allows you to access our trainings online, from ANYWHERE in the world. Videos can be viewed on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone anywhere you can access the Internet. You can even download an app for your phone that will allow you to conveniently access your entire library of purchased videos with ease. Training on the go has never been so easy!

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